The artist

I am Bee Skelton, a portrait artist who happens to be bonkers about dogs.  I paint people and pets, but here I want to indulge my particular passion for dogs and the art they inspire.

When living in Europe my husband and I rescued many dogs from neglect, cruelty and near death situations.  We are now back in the UK, still with three of the five dogs we brought home with us, Teddy, Daisy and Lady.  Sadly we lost two of our furry girls, Choo Choo and Sally to old-age last year.

My artwork is inspired not only by my love of all dogs, but also a relationship with their owners and their favourite photos. My process is very personal and involves lots of email chats with dog owner/clients to seek out the character and personality of my pet subjects.

I also enjoy sharing the creative process with my doggy clients, by emailing work-in-progress images as paintings develop. Many say how much they appreciate my way of working, which offers a personal insight into the development of their painting, and the opportunity to collaborate by sharing feedback.

I lived in Cyprus for several years before returning to the UK. I studied at the Cyprus College of Art, and the Open College of the Arts UK. 

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